Monday, August 21, 2017


Target: Dress 
TJ MAXX: Bombet Jacket 
Steve Madden: Booties 
NYS Collection: Sunnies 

Hey All, 

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!!! I'm already ready for the weekend again!!!

If your girl and need that one shoe in life I would say the velvet booties are it!!! These booties really make me enjoy what I wear...I think honestly little things make me happy. Let's say, I buy a choker and I wear it out at least a good 10 times cause I love it. You know!!! I like how this bootie can compliment pretty much anything in your wardrobe. You want to make your outfit pop get a pair of velvet booties!!!!

Fashion Love, 


Thursday, June 29, 2017


Photo by Carlton Hart 

Thirft Store: Tuxedo Top 
Forever 21: Crop top
Misguided: Booties 
Rampage: Backpack 
Nys Collection: Sunnies 

Hello All, 

Long time, you know your ready for fall to begin, when you want to start wear your booties and button-up tops. seriously, when you get to certain age you may want to dress your age. Like crop tops, I love crop tops but I can't just wear crop tops showing all my skin. I like layering up a crop top which is cool because you remember...when you use to wear your vest sweater over a buttoned up top that's how I relate crop tops to. 

On an occasion, I dress like how I feel so that's how this outfit came about. I wanted to wear this crop top just finding the right clothing to wear with it. I honestly love to just mix and match but still complimenting my looks. 

Just have fun wearing your clothes cause that's what it's all about!!!!

Fashion Love 


Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Day 1 I arrived in Sydney Australia ready to go. I admit I planned so hard nothing every goes as planned. I had my outfits together lucky my intern had outfits that went with mine. It was like she was my sister thinking cosmically! As far as the shows,Their fashion is elegant and sophisticated but very on trend. They love to stick and support Australia designers which makes sense. Why not support your country. But what is great that yes most of designers brand are upscale brands. They are very much high quality that will last longer than a month or two months. Looking at how Australia Fashion Week is presented and showcased, I feel there's much of a laid back in fashion, how people live, the food, the entertainment. Things there are not complicated or complex they live to have fun and enjoy life. You see that in the fashion shows. Everyone knows everyone especially in the fashion industry. They come together to support one another which is completely different from the US no offensive. I go to NYFW and I need a ticket and I won't get in even if I paid at the door. You go to Australia Fashion Week you get in that day or five minutes before the show. It's so different !!!!

Day 2 

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Sunday, April 23, 2017


Target: Jeans and Coat
H&M: Blouse
Nine West: Booties
k.i.t.: Hat
NYS Collection: Sunnies

Hello Happy Sunday! I hope you're all doing well!!!

See you next time!!

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Thursday, April 13, 2017


Photo by: Miranda Drummond

H&M: Tee
Salvation Army: Fur Jacket
NYS Collection: Sunnies

If you haven't seen on my Instagram! I love fur I think it should be worn all year long...I mean you might sweat who cares right! So my friend/photographer got this cool fur jacket at the salvation army. I feel like no matter what store I go into whether its clothing, craft,  or even a furniture store I can stop and find a piece/item that can work within  my life. It's like I have an EYE or something..... Even my nose is mad sensitive, I can smell something a mile away...which is really I should be a agent or something!!!! But anyway, I love this coat so much it literally can go with most of the colors in my wardrobe. This weather is crazy these days I'm still wearing my coats well light coats.
As Spring is here I'm retiring my fall jackets and this fur jacket! So here's to my fur coats!!!

See you next time!!!

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Target: Jeans
WHO WHAT WEAR: Floral Bomber Jacket
H&M: Embroidery Blouse 
Public Desire: Booties
NYS Collection: Sunnies

Hello All,

As you haven't noticed I really love WHO WHAT WEAR, I think it's just an universal brand. That captures for many different women regardless of their body shapes or sizes. I know for me, I have a big issue with finding that right jean...I'll search and search for the perfect jean. Once, I find it I usually buy it if it's within in my budget.

Again, don't look or shy away from the WHO WHAT WEAR brand. I know I sound like an advertisement but I buy this brand believe in what it stands for. If I don't use or wear something I'm not going to tell my followers or readers you need to get this brand if I don't even wear or use it. That's just silly...I go to target when I can't find something to wear and 10 times at 10 I get the WHO WHAT WEAR brand. I know that it's going to incorporate well into my wardrobe. It's ideal for the ultimate working women that needs to add some spice to their closet.

Let me tell you, I've gone to work people ask me where did you get that top or skirt or pants...I'm like at Target and the brand is WHO WHAT WEAR....I really love this bomber jacket if you remember I wore it at NYFW. I was totally ready for spring! It's such a cool print it can go with black slacks or boyfriend jeans. It's definitely a hit in my closet! I tend to wear it on repeat..hehehe...It's perfect for the spring weather when it's a little windy outside!

Go shop WHO WHAT WEAR spring line by clicking the link here

See you next time!!!

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Sunday, March 26, 2017


Hello all,

I received my Bootaybag in the mail. Let me tell you I was really impressed by this brand. Bootaybag Community is changing and helping women with the ultimate goal by loving their underwear. Not to get all deep about my underwear, I'm all about wearing underwear that makes me feel good! You literally have a good day when putting on good pair of underwear. I really love the black one it's super sexy..yess I said it's super sexy! The lace material they use is not super itching but who wants wear uncomfortable underwear. I'm really love it!!!

And Bootaybag is exceptional for choosing the right underwear that works for you! Not only that Bootaybag gives back with every one dollar proceed donated will go to Melanoma Foundation!
 An added Bonus you can shop Bootaybag on a monthly basis for $12 dollars a month and free shipping with your choice of 2 pairs of underwear!

So if your a women get on the  Bootaybag movement by checking out Bootaybag and the women that enjoy their underwear by clicking hashtag #undermatters!


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